Customers who utilize the The Realtime Group typically need to create a differentiated product offering while managing time and resource costs throughout the product life cycle. That’s why our Customers value Realtime’s System Engineering expertise in electronics and software-enabled products as the key to development success. Realtime’s project engineers and managers understand the discipline of designing with the end in mind, and drive that approach with a shared enthusiasm for the project’s successful completion through validation testing and transfer to manufacturing. Practicing our “Systems Engineering with Intelligence” approach, we can scale the implementation to optimize our customers’ needs by providing either on-demand staff augmentation, or utilize our complete ISO Quality Management System in a turn-key managed project. We have uniquely experienced people who can provide each of these roles: Project Management, System Definition, System Architecture, Electronics Design, Firmware/Software coding, Mechanical Design, System Integration, and System Validation in the end-use environment.

 Through a comprehensive understanding of regulatory and documentation needs, The Realtime Group works with our clients to craft creative technology solutions for applications in Medical, Transportation, Industrial Control, Avionics and other regulated industries.