Delivering Solutions. Enabling Compliance.

The Realtime Group is a product development company focused on the regulated industries. We execute designs across the product life cycle managing time and resource costs to deliver results that matter, and exceed expectations.

We approach problems at the system level, and design with compliance in mind. Our team scales to customer needs from direct consulting to fully managed product development, executed under our ISO Quality Management System. Realtime drives toward successful project completion through risk management, validation testing, and efficient transfer to manufacturing.


Product Development Expertise

We have a uniquely qualified staff with experience in the following product development roles:

  1. System Definition and Architecture

    Realtime works closely with stakeholders to capture system requirements and use cases. We define the structure, behavior, and operating model for the system and achieve design consensus.

  2. Electronics Design

    Realtime identifies key components, performs schematic capture, layout, and procures prototype assemblies.

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  3. Software / Firmware Design

    Realtime implements robust software to meet system requirements and use cases. Realtime works closely with stakeholders and industrial designers to implement an excellent user experience.

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  4. Mechanical Design

    Realtime implements the mechanical subsystem, designing housings and assemblies to meet environmental requirements.

  5. Systems Integration

    Realtime interfaces all subsystems together and verifies that all electro-mechanical and software interfaces are operating correctly.

  6. Systems Verification & Validation

    Realtime ensures that the system meets all requirements and stakeholder goals are achieved through formal systems testing.

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  7. Project Management

    Realtime’s project engineers and managers value customer input and encourage our customers to play an active role throughout the design process.

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Regulated Industries

Through our comprehensive understanding of regulatory and documentation needs, The Realtime Group works with our clients to craft creative technology solutions in the following industries: