We produce excellent results and outcomes for our customers in the regulated technology space by:

Delivering Solutions

Through a comprehensive understanding of regulatory and documentation needs, The Realtime Group works with our clients to craft creative compliance technology solutions for applications in Medical, Transportation, Industrial Control, Avionics and other regulated industries. Our teams are expert designers, testers, and compliance specialists that understand leverage, yet also realize there is no “one size fits all” approach when working in regulated industries. Our staff has previously developed electronics and software for multiple mission critical control and processing applications with a portfolio of more than 60 completed products. Using an ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2008 compliant Quality System ensures your project will be completed within an established process that accommodates informed dynamic decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

Enabling Compliance

At The Realtime Group, our customers consistently benefit from our ability to apply Lean principles to minimize program risks associated with a compliant design innovation process. To enable compliance, we leverage defensive design practices early-on that makes validation testing a “proof of compliance” rather than the “discovery of deficiencies”. Specifically, we design with the end in mind, emphasizing requirements-based design while managing technical risks, especially when developing systems that contain significant software functionality. These products all have substantial associated documentation, and in most cases have planned sustaining or incremental feature releases via software updates. The Realtime Group is dedicated to finding the right combination of solutions for each of our customer’s unique design, implementation and testing needs.

Meet The Leadership Team


David Felio

President & CEO

Dave Felio has a unique 28-year history of successfully driving the innovation process in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments. As the CEO co-founder of a highly successful engineering startup, and as President of L-3 Unmanned Systems, Dave understands the engineering needs for any size organization.


Garyld Miles

VP R&D and Programs

Mr. Garyld Miles has over 25 years of experience in mission critical, real-time embedded hardware and software product development, and has co-developed or validated more than 50 medical device or industrial control systems.


Don Hurd

VP Quality & Validation Services

Mr. Don Hurd has over 30 years of experience in supporting development of real-time, embedded applications in regulated industries. He is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor with diverse background providing a unique insight into achieving product quality and ensuring high productivity of development organizations. As VP Quality and Validation Services, he has ensured activities are always performed to meet product specifications and that all products and services delivered with the highest possible quality.


Bob Sawler

VP Business Development

Mr. Bob Sawler has 30+ years of experience in cross functional management, project/program management, design (SW, FW, HW, and Mechanical), product development, quality, process integration, test, operations, customer relationships and business development. He has extensive experience in Medical, Defense, Aerospace, and Telecom industries.


James Wucher

Director of Software Engineering

Mr. James Wucher has more than 20 years of experience developing embedded firmware and application software. His specialties include Software Architecture, Embedded Software Design, Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, Control Systems, Database Design, and User Interfaces.


Tom Ratenski

Manager, System Engineering

Tom Ratenski has nearly 35 years of experience in Engineering product design and development in the commercial, industrial, medical and military sectors. His background includes the design and development of highly reliable, highly available systems ranging from electronic power distribution, military avionics, Class 3 medical devices and telecommunications systems.