Industrial Design

Realtime engineers tend to be critical thinkers that are resourceful, inquisitive, cooperative, and flexible. These qualities are essential through the creative process.  We feel it’s important to have a mixed team, with both big-picture thinkers and those who can focus on one thing in particular about a project.

Our industrial designers are well-versed at the process of working closely with engineering to intertwine their diverse inputs with the end user’s needs to create products that work seamlessly with their technology, are cost-effective to produce, and create a positive experience for the customer.

Realtime’s Human Factors engineers maximize a product’s safety and efficacy by making it simple, transparent, and obvious. We are experienced at evaluating and designing devices that interface most effectively with the human body and its cognitive abilities. Following the ISO 62366 Standard, we design UI’s by identifying potential sources of use errors, identifying foreseeable hazards and hazardous situations and evaluate residual risk associated with usability.