Software/Firmware Design

Our Customers depend on Realtime’s understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) execution that is compliant to applicable standards such as IEC 62304. Realtime software is designed with a focus on meeting essential performance requirements with the least complex implementation possible. We’ve learned over our 13+ year history of design for regulated products that simplicity is the key for achieving maintainable and compliant software solutions. Our software team is well-practiced in Agile Software Development methods (Scrum/Extreme), and are uniquely experienced at seamlessly conforming our practices to different Customer environments and processes.

Software Architecture

A good software architecture is the foundation on which a successful software project stands. We design software architectures as a balance of essential performance, support for verification, simplicity, and maintainability. We focus on reducing implementation risk by maturing system requirements first and resolving critical design choices early in the software development life-cycle.

Embedded Software (Firmware)

Realtime has notable expertise in the embedded systems environment for a wide range of products with mission-critical reliability challenges. Embedded development is a bridged skill set, requiring real-time planning and collaboration between electronics and software engineers. Our engineers have worked with numerous interfaces (SPI, I2C, CAN, RS-232, RS-485, etc.), protocols (MODBUS, TCP/IP, UDP, USB, BLE, etc.), networking stacks, security implementations and database managers. Our engineers have broad experience in low-level firmware, RTOS and kernels, board support packages, device and host side drivers, bare metal programming, and creating modular embedded systems that are extensible and maintainable over the product life cycle.

Application Software

Whether your App is on a PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android Device, Realtime will fulfill your needs. Realtime has experience in all phases of App Development from concept and planning to release to your target audience. Realtime can take up an existing project at any point in the SDLC and move it forward per your needs.

  • Realtime will help you define your user groups and use cases to better understand your App needs.
  • Realtime can work through the GUI design and development with you, focusing on use-based flow development.
  • Realtime’s team is experienced in distilling and aligning functional software requirements with the use space of the application.
  • Realtime uses the technology to best suit the deployment model and SDLC for your product.

Tools We Use

Our developers are familiar with a large array of development tools. We are well versed in Microchip, IAR, Keil, XCode, Android Studio, Visual Studio, and numerous other tools. Having a wide experience base makes embracing new technologies a relatively efficient process for our teams. It is the choice of the tools, and the people that use them, that makes a successful project.