The Realtime Group exists to make our customer’s product vision a reality.


Whether simple or complicated, every Realtime project is based on a philosophy that has never failed us: Design with the end in mind.


Our approach focuses on resolving critical design choices and attacking risks early on during the development life cycle.


Realtime can help you determine whether you’ve built the right system, and whether you’ve built the system right.

Your Project. Our Passion.

We understand that one size does not fit all – our experience in design, fabrication and implementation means that researchers, manufacturers, inventors, and other technology clients can rest assured that we will develop the right solutions for your industry and product.

Electronics Design

Experience-driven custom electronics designs that are manufacturable, highly reliable, and robust to their operating environment

Software/Firmware Design

World-Class Software design capability that reaches across multiple disciplines, functionality, and languages

Mechanical Design

Realtime’s mechanical designs balance the need for smaller, lighter, and more durable designs against cost and environmental constraints

Industrial Design

Human-machine Interfaces designed synergistically with system modes and functionality, in order to maximize usefulness provide the most satisfying and enabling user experience

System Definition, Architecture Design, and Integration

Realtime works closely with stakeholders to capture the system requirements. We define the structure, behavior, compliance requirements and couple it with our vast experience to achieve a consensus on product architecture

System Validation and Verification

Our Verification and Validation Testing processes are designed to demonstrate compliance and to find any issues before they reach end-users

Quality Management System Development

Realtime’s quality system emphasizes Lean Project Management principles to ensure predictable delivery of high-quality solutions using our ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 registered quality processes

Project Management

Broad experience, a relentless focus on the final result, and a shared enthusiasm for meeting our customers’ project milestones

Bringing Distinct Value to Your Product

The Realtime Group is a uniquely balanced company within the embedded component design and testing industry. We move every project from proposal to completion with the efficiency and attention to detail by combining a passion for execution with clear quality and testing standards.

Selected Projects

We provide product development successes for our Customers to own. They come to us for competitive advantage, and often that means protecting the relationship with Realtime as a Trade Secret. So while we’re proud of our Customers and their products, and we would talk about them every day if we could, being their “Best Kept Secret” can be one of our most important roles. Here are a few of the projects we can tell you about.