Implementing Lean Principles

During the last two decades Lean Thinking has been implemented by companies of all sizes …

Successful Demos

At no point in your career will the expression “say what you do, do what you say” have a more personal and visceral reaction than the day you discover you have signed up (voluntarily or otherwise) to deliver a demonstration of a product your team is developing

Effective Testing

You do exhaustive requirements-based testing, examining both “happy path” (best-case) scenarios, as well as some error conditions and maybe some challenge conditions.

Test and Measurement Obsolescence

Obsolescence in test and measurement automation systems can be a significant concern for engineering managers, as it can impact the accuracy, efficiency, and availability of spare parts and result in increased maintenance costs or not even being able to test at all.

Usability Engineering in Medical Technology

Usability engineering is a crucial aspect of medical device design and development. This is aimed at creating safe, effective, and user-friendly products for healthcare professionals and patients.