Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Honor. Courage. Commitment. These are the Core Values of the U.S. Navy and are embodied in such statements as:

  • I will abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, taking full responsibility for my actions and keeping my word.
  • I will be honest and truthful in my dealings within and outside the Department of the Navy.
  • I will encourage new ideas and deliver bad news forthrightly.
  • I will overcome all challenges while adhering to the highest standards of personal conduct and decency.
  • I will always strive for positive change and personal improvement.
  • I will exhibit the highest degree of moral character, professional excellence, quality, and competence in all that I do.

At Realtime, we are honored to have a former Naval officer serving as our lead electronics designer. Mike Polcari graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He continued his Naval career by attending and graduating first in his class at Navy Nuclear Power School, arguably one of the most difficult post graduate schools in the nation, and then serving the remainder of his days in the Navy as a submariner.

Mike brings the same core values from his days in the Navy to his work at Realtime. He is committed to providing customers with the highest quality designs and to continually increasing his knowledge by learning new technologies and keeping abreast of the latest component offerings. He drills down to the minutiae of each integrated circuit (IC) to ensure he fully understands how to properly design it into the circuit, resulting in circuit boards and systems that are well designed and have a high probability of successfully working upon completion. Mike’s honesty and integrity, as well as his ability to offer well researched solutions is appreciated by both customers and co-workers. His experience across electrical, mechanical, chemical, and power systems combine to make Mike a valuable resource during systems and circuit board analysis, design, and troubleshooting.

Mike embodies the same values that are integral to the Realtime team. The mission of The Realtime Group is to produce excellent results for our customers in the regulated technology space by delivering solutions and enabling compliance. We look forward to putting our core values to work on your next project.

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Bob Sawler
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