Realtime and Hover Energy partner on the next generation of clean energy solutions and distributed energy innovations.

Announces an upcoming project with the goal of further reducing the commercial building energy demand across the country. 


Plano, TX – June, 28, 2021 – 

Realtime announced today that it has entered into a long-term Master Services Agreement and partnership with Hover Energy on an upcoming project that will establish Hover Energy as a world leader in clean energy generation solutions and a transformative energy provider for commercial applications.


RealTime Group CEO Dave Felio checking out the Hover installation at Jabil in St. Petersburg, FL


This announcement comes after more than a year of partnership to develop the first generation Hover Energy device in December of 2020. The first generation device is a patented wind turbine array system designed to create an Integrated Energy Management System on commercial and industrial building rooftops. Currently the first generation product is in the final testing phase prior to commercial manufacturing and market launch.


Realtime’s depth of capabilities and resources comes from years of experience innovating, automating, and engineering products across a wide variety of regulated industries. 


We love to get involved with projects like Hover, because our employees thrive on solving problems that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Realtime brings more than 20 years of expertise to this partnership, with a vast knowledge of medical devices, robotics, renewable energy, and highly regulated product design.  – Dave Felio, CEO, Realtime


The long-term partnership is expected to continue through 2023 as the second generation of this groundbreaking green energy solution is developed, tested, and brought to market.


“I just want to give a shoutout to [Realtime and Dave Felio] – You and the entire team have been absolutely outstanding in helping us make our product better. From start to finish from the day you did your phase zero analysis, until the last iteration we made on the IEMS, all of it. You have added value at every stage. From initial design to final manufacturing, to all the troubleshooting, all the iterations we’ve made. Continuous design, improvements, performance improvements, performance testing… you name it, The Realtime Group has stepped up and done a terrific job. … Our wind-powered microgrid is going to work better because of you! ”    – Chris Griffin