Electronics Design

Realtime’s electrical/electronics team is the product of a rich history of solving complex hardware design challenges for mission-critical applications. They will produce full Technical Data Packages for a product design, including schematic, BOM, layout, and gerbers for each circuit board, subject to QA checks and placed under full configuration control.

We pro-actively work with the selected manufacturer / final assembler (whether customer-directed or one of Realtime’s trusted partners) to understand their design guidance for manufacturability, deliverable formats, supply-chain preferences, and factory testing capabilities. Following a “design with the end in mind” approach, we can significantly reduce risk and cycle time during the manufacturer’s New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

Realtime’s provides expert electrical design capabilities include:

  • Electrical System Architecture
  • Schematic capture
  • Board layout
  • RF integration and circuitry
  • Power & heat management techniques
  • Complex custom board design – multi layer
  • DFx for ECM design package transition
  • Redesign for Obsolescence/Modernization
  • DSP Board design
  • Programmable components such as CPLDs & FPGAs